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Terms and Conditions for BaytTravel L.L.C

  1. Definitions and Interpretations:
    1. In these terms and conditions:
      1. Reference to “BaytTravel”, “we”, “us” and “our(s)” is a reference to BaytTravel L.L.C
      2. Reference to “you”, “your”, “customer” and “user(s)” is a reference to the user of our platform and/or the purchaser of our Products (as defined below).
      3. “Product/s” means online and offline local touristic experiences and short-term accommodations and tours and any other products purchased by you from us.
      4. Reference to “application”, “app” and “platform” is a reference to BaytTravel online web and mobile platform application that is published by or on behalf of us. 
      5. “Terms” means these BaytTravel terms and conditions.

    2. These Terms are the only terms and conditions on which we contract with you for the access and use of and/or purchase of our Products via our platform.
  2. Important Notice:
    1. Kindly read these Terms carefully before using and/or purchasing any Products from us (including any subdomains thereof, and/or any other websites through which BaytTravel makes its services available (hereinafter referred to as, “Site”)). You should understand that by accessing, using our platform, and/or purchasing any of our products (including any subdomains thereof, and/or any other Site), you agree to be bound by these Terms. None of these Terms affect your statutory rights. No other terms or changes to the Terms shall be binding unless agreed in writing signed by us.

Our collection and use of personal information in connection with your access to and use of the platform is described in our Privacy Policy provided in our platform.

If you are an Experience or Accommodation Provider and/or host (business) wanting to use our platform to list either “Accommodations” ,”Experiences” and/or services, please review the Terms and Policies for Service Providers provided in our platform. 


These Terms shall manage your use of our platform which is accessible at www.BaytTravel.com

These Terms will be applied fully and will govern your use of our platform. By using the platform you agree to be bound to all of the Terms provided herein. You must not use this platform if you do not accept any and all of these Terms.  


Intellectual Property Rights

Other than the content you own, under these Terms, BaytTravel L.L.C and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this platform.

You are granted a limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this platform.

The trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos (hereinafter referred to as “Trademarks“) contained on and/or in the app are owned by BaytTravel and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliated entities and/or third-party partners. You are not allowed to use, copy, edit, vary, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, store, transmit, commercially exploit and/or disseminate the Trademarks without the prior written consent of BaytTravel and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliated entities and/or the relevant third party partner, where such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld by you.

Standard service provision

BaytTravel is a vacation home rental B2C and B2B platform that provides owners and tenants a marketplace to list their property as a vacation home, offering short term nightly/weekly stays as a holiday home. 

For this package of standard listing service, BaytTravel will take a commission fee of 10%.

This service will include:

  • Assistance in booking acquisition by providing our platform in order to receive payment.
  • BaytTravel MAY market the property on other social media platforms, choosing it to feature the property on the landing page of the official website as per request of the host and internal company review.
  • BaytTravel ensures guest verification and will only cover damages with appropriate evidence with claims via Superhog LLC terms & conditions.
  • The host will be fully responsible and have authority over the pricing, fees for extra services, check-ins, check-outs, reporting damages and cancellation policy.
  • BaytTravel has the right to charge hosts cancellation fees, according to the host cancellation policy 
  • As of December 2022, BaytTravel can offer free photography services and price suggestions through consultation
  • In order to list with BaytTravel, the vacation home[s] must satisfy the BaytTravel Vacation Home Checklist aswell as have the Qatar Tourism issued licence as per regulation: https://www.qatartourism.com/content/dam/visitqatar/img/holiday-homes/Holiday-Homes-Circular-2021.pdf
  • Payment to the hosts will be disbursed after a maximum of two weeks. At the end of the week, a payout will be sent from all the guests that have checked in the previous week. Payments are subject to transaction time.

Property management

Property management will be offered a commission bound by a contractual agreement as per the discretion of the host. Property management is regarded as an additional service to the platform and is stated as the following:

Property management – Package 1 (Online management) – 15%

In addition to the services detailed above in the standard service provisions this package also includes:

  • BaytTravel will list the property appropriately; uploading property pictures, adding the full description and specifications  
  • BaytTravel will provide guests with suitable means of booking guest dates through the platform
  • BaytTravel is responsible for marketing the property on the BaytTravel  website, social media and other vacation home platforms is required
  • BaytTravel will not be responsible for managing stays that are acquired by parties besides itself

Property management – Package 2 (Online & Offline management) 25%

In addition to the services listed in Package 1:

. In the event of a double booking, the booking received through BaytTravel will be held as a top priority. Otherwise, a fee of the booking total will be applied 

.  In the case that the property does not meet the requirements, BaytTravel will not cover the costs of purchasing items to satisfy the prerequisite but may assist in finding the right supplier and purchasing the item (provided reimbursement) as well as delivering them to the property.

. BaytTravel wil have full responsibility for the guest communication, check-in and out, fees for extra services, resovlig property damages, maintenance of the property (excluding the condition above), cleaning and laundry of the listing. 

. BaytTravel agrees to subsidise the costs of:

  • Complimentary water, coffee and tea 
  • Consumables such as tissues, paper towels, shower items and soap 
  • cleaning, maintenance and pest control  

General Rules Relating To Conduct

The platform is made available for your own, personal use. The platform must not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever and/or for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. When you use the platform you must comply with all relevant applicable federal laws of the State of Qatar, and with any applicable international laws, including without limitation the local laws of your country and the country and the services provided (together referred to as “Applicable Laws”).


You are specifically restricted from all of the following:

  • publicly performing and/or showing any platform material;
  • using this platform in any way that is and/or may be damaging to this platform;
  • using this platform in any way that impacts other user’s access to this platform; 
  • using this platform contrary to Applicable Laws and regulations, and/or in any way that may cause harm to the platform, and/or to any person or business entity;
  • engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extracting, or any other similar activity in relation to this platform ;
  • using this platform to engage in any advertising or marketing without prior written consent from an authorised signatory on behalf of BaytTravel.

Certain areas of this platform are restricted from being accessed by you and BaytTravel L.L.C may further restrict access by you to any areas of this platform, at any time, at its absolute discretion. Any user ID and password you may have for this platform are confidential and you must maintain confidentiality as well.

Your Content

In these Terms, “Your Content” shall mean any audio, video text, images, or other material you choose to display on this platform. By displaying Your Content, you grant BaytTravel L.L.C a non-exclusive, worldwide irrevocable, sub licensable license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate, and distribute it in any and all media.

BaytTravel L.L.C reserves the right to remove any of Your Content from this platform at any time without notice and without cause.

Link to Third Parties:

BaytTravel will use the services provided by ‘Superhog LLC’ also known as ‘Know Your GuestTM’ as the Official insurance provider and accommodation protection service for all eligible properties listed on BaytTravel. Superhog LLC will process the following categories of data:

  • Personal data such as an individual’s name, address, date of birth, gender, contact details and details of historic claims.
  • Data relating to criminal convictions and offences such as details of driving offences or insurance fraud.

To understand the scope of Superhog LLC service requirements please click the link below.


This platform may contain links to websites operated by third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Websites “). BaytTravel may monetize some of these links through the use of third-party affiliate programs. Notwithstanding such affiliate programs, BaytTravel does not have any influence or control over any such Third-Party Websites and, unless otherwise stated, is not responsible for and does not endorse any Third-Party Websites and/or their availability and/or contents.

No warranties

This platform is provided “as is,” with all faults, and BaytTravel expresses no representations and/or warranties, of any kind related to this platform and/or the materials contained on this platform. Also, nothing contained on this platform shall be interpreted as being advice, recommendation, and/or suggestion to you by us.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall BaytTravel L.L.C., nor any of its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates be held liable for anything arising out of and/or in connection with your use of this platform whether such liability is under contract and/or by law. BaytTravel L.L.C., including its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates shall not be held liable for any indirect, consequential, or special liability arising out of and/or in any way related to your use of this platform.

BaytTravel is not responsible for the damages or potential losses incurred by the host in relation to their property unless it is shown such event is purely at the incompetence of BaytTravel LLC or any of its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates.

  • BaytTravel will not be liable for any changes and/or updates in pricing and/or guest disputes regarding the availability, calender, price negotiation and conflicts. BaytTravel reserves the right to fully refund the guest should an issue arise before settlement with the host and will not be liable for any change regarding the particular details of any property. 

Disclaimer / Liability

The use of the Platform is at your own risk. The Platform is provided on an “as is” basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law: (a) BaytTravel disclaims any and/or all liability whatsoever, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in relation to the website; and (b) all implied warranties, terms, and conditions relating to the app (whether implied by statute, common law or otherwise), including (without limitation) any warranty, term or condition as to the accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, performance, fitness for purpose or any special purpose, availability, non-infringement, information accuracy, interoperability, quiet enjoyment, and title are, as between BaytTravel and you, hereby excluded. But without prejudice to the foregoing, we accept no responsibility for any technical failure of the internet and/or the Platform; or any damage or injury to users or their equipment as a result of or relating to their use of the Platform. Your statutory rights are not affected.

BaytTravel L.L.C will not be liable, in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence), under statute or otherwise, as a result of and/or in connection with the Platform, for any: (i) economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings); or (ii) loss of goodwill or reputation; or (iii) special or indirect or consequential loss; or (iv) personal injury or personal losses or death or any other type of damages and/or liabilities of whatsoever type related thereto and this shall survive any expiry or termination or change of these terms and conditions for an unlimited period.

Nothing in these Terms shall be construed as excluding or limiting the liability of BaytTravel, its subsidiaries, and/or affiliates for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for any other liability which cannot be excluded by Applicable Laws.

BaytTravel Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. BaytTravel will only use your personal information in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy and cookies policy as well as our mentioned third-party service providers. By using the Platform, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and accepted the terms of our Platform Privacy Policy and these Terms.

Eligibility, Using the BaytTravel Platform, Member Verification

You must be at least 21 years old and able to enter into legally binding contracts to access and use the platform and/or register a personal account at the platform. By accessing or using the platform, you warrant that you are 21 or older and have the legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract. Minors under the age of 21 shall be prohibited to register as a user on the platform and are not allowed to transact and/or use the platform. Member verification will be carried out by our 3rd party service provider Superhog LLC as stated in these terms.

Some areas of the platform implement Google Maps/Earth mapping services, including Google Maps API(s). Your use of Google Maps/Earth is subject to the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service.

Payment Terms

Any and all payment processing services through or in connection with your use of the platform (hereinafter referred to as “Payment Services”) are provided to you by one or more BaytTravel payments entities (individually and collectively, as appropriate, (“BaytTravel Payments”).

If you make a payment for our Products and/or services on our platform, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider ‘Skipcash LLC’ via a secure connection. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of purchased “Experiences” or “Accommodations” are subject to the timeline given by each vendor based on their preference. However, the noted cancellation until further notice shall note ‘Full refunds are acceptable until 48 hours prior to the expected entrance to the accommodation and/or day of commencement for activities. For any disputes, please email “[email protected]” to handle the issue directly with the service provider.

Payments and Pay-outs

Payments can be made only with online transactions and, until further notice, including Visa/Mastercard and Google Pay.

Pay-outs to hosts can be selected in the pay-out option, when made available, and will be made to the most recent payment details entered by said host unless changes have been made.

Due to an intermediary payment gateway process, pay-outs to hosts receiving bookings within the same week will be subject to a minimum 1-week hold on pay-out to ensure order and facilitate a swift transaction from consumer to BaytTravel to Host.


You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent BaytTravel L.L.C from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages, and expenses arising in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.

Service Suspension 

BaytTravel L.L.C reserves the right to suspend and/or cease providing any services relating to the platform published by it, with or without cause and notice, and shall have no liability or responsibility to you in any manner whatsoever if it chooses to do so.

Advertisers on the platform

We accept no responsibility for adverts contained within the app. If you agree to purchase goods and/or services from any third party who advertises on the app, you do so at your own risk. The advertiser, not BaytTravel L.L.C, is responsible for such goods and/or services and if you have any queries or complaints in relation to them, your only recourse is against the advertiser.

In-platform Voucher Codes

Any in-app voucher codes issued by BaytTravel L.L.C may only be used in accordance with these Terms.


If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid under any applicable law, such provisions shall be removed or modified without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

Variation of Terms

BaytTravel L.L.C is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit, and by using this platform you are expected to review these Terms on a regular basis.


BaytTravel L.L.C is allowed to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms without any notification. However, you are not allowed to assign, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights and/or obligations under these Terms.

 Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between BaytTravel L.L.C and you in relation to your use of this platform and/or the purchase of our Products and supersede all prior agreements and understandings between you and us in relation to the subject matter hereof. No variation of these Terms is binding on us unless agreed by us in writing.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and every transaction in relation to the subject matter herein shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the relevant applicable federal laws and jurisdiction of The State of Qatar.

General Terms

Revisions to the Terms

We reserve the right to revise the Terms at our sole discretion at any time. Any revisions to the Terms will be effective immediately upon posting it by us. In all cases, your continued use of the platform after the publication of such changes, with or without notification, constitutes binding acceptance of the revised Terms.

Severability; Waiver

If it turns out that a particular provision of these Terms is not enforceable, this will not affect any other Terms. If you do not comply with these Terms, and we do not take immediate action, this does not indicate that we relinquish any rights that we may have (such as taking action in the future).

We want to make sure that all of our users and instructors feel safe and comfortable while using our website. We have drafted these guidelines to ensure that people understand and follow the rules when participating in our online community and otherwise using our platform and services.

Although we do not routinely screen or monitor content provided by users, we may remove and/or edit inappropriate content and/ or activity reported to us and/or suspend, disable, or terminate a user’s access to all and/or part of the platform.

You are prohibited from using our platform  to share content that:

  • Contains illegal content or promotes illegal activities with the intent to commit such activities. Please keep in mind that users who are as young as 18 use the platform, and we do not allow content that is inappropriate for these younger learners.
  • Contains credible threats or organizes acts of real-world violence. We don’t allow content that creates a genuine risk of physical injury or property damage, credibly threatens people or public safety, or organizes or encourages harm.
  • We encourage commentary about people and matters of public interest, but abusive or otherwise inappropriate content directed at private individuals is not allowed.
  • Violates intellectual property, privacy, or other rights. Do not share content that you do not have the right to share, claim content that you did not create as your own, or otherwise infringe or misappropriate someone else’s intellectual property or other rights. Always attribute materials used or quoted by you to the original copyright owner.
  • Spam others. Do not share irrelevant or inappropriate advertising, promotional, or solicitation content.
  • Otherwise violates these Terms. Please note that specific services may have additional rules and requirements.

You also aren’t allowed to:

  • Do anything that violates local, national, or international law.
  • Share your password, let anyone access your account, or do anything that might put your account at risk.
  • Attempt to access any other user’s account.
  • Reproduce, transfer, sell, resell, or otherwise misuse any content from our Website, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Access, tamper with or use non-public areas of our systems unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Break or circumvent our authentication or security measures or otherwise test the vulnerability of our systems or networks, unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • Try to interfere with any user, host, or network, for example by sending a virus, overloading, spamming, or mail-bombing.
  • Use our platform to distribute malware.
  • Impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.
  • Encourage or help anyone do any of the things on this list.

BaytTravel Statement

“We at BaytTravel wish to provide a seamless, simple and fun experience for both hosts and tourism consumers. We are very strict on ensuring regulations as per Qatar law, they are enforced throughout the entire platform and safeguard our clients in helping combat any illegal behaviour and/or activity. To help the BaytTravel community stay safe, please comply with the restrictions said by the Hosts and if you are unsure about certain rules, please contact the hosts using the messaging function on our platform. In the event of the Host inactivity please contact our 24/7 support team at [email protected] stating clearly the issue and your prompt contact information to resolve the issue as soon as possible. BaytTravel has a zero tolerance policy on any discrimination by applicable age, Race, Sex, Gender etc. 



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